How do I get my team working better together?

Whether you’re creating a team, adding new people to a team, or just want your existing team to work better together - the Manual of Me helps teams become stronger.

Communicate better.

For existing teams - everyone having a Manual of Me helps create stronger and richer relationships.

For new teams - get started quicker, by understanding everyone’s working preferences.

For new projects - understand how the people in your teams fit together best, and create stronger teams from day one.

Onboard better.

When you’re welcoming new people into your team, the process of creating and sharing a Manual of Me helps everyone - from the team leader explaining how they work, to the individuals sharing how they work.

Use the Manual of Me as part of your onboarding process, and a powerful tool to help teams get off to a good start.

Perform better.

A Manual of Me is an amazing tool to complement your performance reviews, writing OKRs, in learning and development, and designing career maps.

It adds depth to one to one conversations between line-managers and team-members, and helps everyone communicate in more open and effective ways.

Don’t manage, lead.

Keep on top of all of your teams in a single location, customise your manuals for different teams and different needs, and connect with other leaders around the globe - to share ways of working better together - as well as tips and techniques for implementing the Manual of Me in the best possible way.

Invest in humans.

And a Manual of Me isn’t just to help your team in their current role - it is an investment for their entire career, it’s something you people bring with them from other roles, and take on to new teams.

So everyone benefits for the time invested in learning more about your people.

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