What is the
Manual of Me?

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The Manual of Me is a tool to help you gather and share insights about how you work.

It’s a personal user manual, so people can understand how best to work with you, quickly.

Whether you’re self-employed, employed, portfolio or getting started - it’s important to invest in discovering and sharing how you work best.

how does it work? what does it do?

By combining coaching style questioning, playful exercises and reflection - you will build up a better understanding of what motivates you, where and when you work best, how you engage best with others, and much much more.

The tool then helps you collect your thoughts and write a handy guide you can share with others - so they get to know you better, quicker.

who invented the idea?

The concept dates back to 2008, in an article by Ben Dattner where he outlined a simple guide to getting the best out of you as a manager. The idea was then popularised by Adam Bryant through his series of interviews with business leaders for his Corner Office column in the New York Times.

Since then, there are plenty of examples of leaders and organisations who use a personal user manual to help people work better together.

There's some brilliant examples of people we've discovered over the years you can be inspired by:

Cassie Robinson
Abby Falik
Ivar Kroghrud
Sid Sijbrandij
Madi Taskett

how does this tool help me write a manual?

Most people don't yet have the answers to the questions in a Manual of Me. "What motivates you?", "How do you react under pressure?", "How do you best like to get feedback?", and most people don't have access to coaching, most people don't give themselves the time to understand how they work best.

So we built this platform to:

1/ Guide you through understanding yourself better
2/ Create tools and exercises to gather insights
3/ Build an easily sharable online document
4/ Made it accessible for anyone who wants to work better with others

how much does it cost?

Nothing. It's Free. For individuals Forever.

It's been built as part of the Leapers Community - a community which helps anyone who wants to work differently

There are some additional features if you’d like to pay for them, which supercharge the processs, and help us keep the service free for everyone else.

If you're an organisation: we do ask that you pay for use of the platform - a one off gift to pay for a Manual of Me you give to your employees or colleagues. They take these Manuals with them for life, and if someone joins your team that already has a Manual, you don't pay. Find out more.

If you're a coach: you can use the Manual of Me without charge when you're working with individuals. If you're implementing it in an organisation, we'll split the revenue from the organisational license with you. Find out more.

who made this?

Developed by Matthew Knight.

Supported by Leapers.

Illustration by Buttercrumble.

Inspired by Simon White.

Your data is held by Foxlark Strategy Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, which falls under GDPR rules - you can read our privacy and data policies here.

what is Leapers?

Leapers is an open community who supports anyone who works differently.

We're 80% support group, 20% product business - we support people who are taking active steps to change the way they work, and from the insights we uncover, where there aren't existing things which provide that support, due to the changing nature of work, we try and create them.

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