What will you use your Manual of Me for?

Each template has different questions, tailored help you share the most useful information. You can change this any time.

Introducing Me

Some of the basic and most popular statements to create your Manual from.

Exploring my Future

Thinking about changing how you work or what you do? Some exploratory questions to help you learn about yourself

Joining a New Team

If you're joining a new team - this manual helps you share the most essential information to your new colleagues, so you can hit the ground running. Works even better when you all do this together as a group.

Pitching myself

If you want to sell your skills to someone who hasn't hired you yet - here's a set of great questions to help show the best you

Strengthening existing Teams

Helping you work better within an existing team - great for away days and teaming sessions

Not sure yet?

Pick ‘Introducing Me’, you can always change this later

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