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A handy guide on how you work, for sharing with others.

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What is a Manual of Me?

A Manual of Me is a personal user guide, for you.

When you join a new team, apply for a job or start a new project, a Manual of Me is a really useful tool to be quickly and simply explain how others can work with you best.

Create a Manual of Me using the exercises and activities to discover insights about yourself, and then share with the people you work with, to get off to a better start.

Three simple, powerful steps.


Choose what to include

Over 60 customisable statements to include in your Manual. Tailor it exactly to what you want to share, and change it as your needs change too.


Do activities to discover

Spend time following the exercises to learn about your working preferences, motivations, values and more. Take as long as you need.


Write and share

Write your own entries to explain exactly how people can work with you in the best possible way. No AI, no profiling, just your words.


If you’re an individual creating a Manual, it’s entirely free, as part of the Leapers project.

Why free?

It works for teams too!

If you’re an organisation, you can use the Manual of Me to build stronger teams.

For Teams.

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