3.0.0 (20210531.001)

  • Added automated forgetme form
  • Added OG, title and description tags to make navigation easier
  • Bugfixes: has_manual() was borked - working now

3.0.0 (20210528.001)

  • Teams now live - single teams can be created via the platform, enjoy!
  • Individual Manuals - we've migrated the legacy and OG manuals to the new platform
  • mobile support - we've improved layouts for mobile devices
  • Some small bug fixes too - including something wrong with signup and email addresses
  • Stats backend - we've added some insight for our team to understand how many users are using the platform
  • Importers - we've written some internal code to import old accounts to the new platform
  • Oh, and a new release version numbering system. we're at 3.0, people!


  • Welcome journey improved for orgs and individuals
  • Onboarded org #2


  • Bugfix - team creation wasn't adding questionsets


  • Added quickset questions You can now add a bulk load of questions to your team, which is handy for rapidly creating new teams with standard sets of questions.
  • Remove questions You can now easily remove questions from the team admin screen, along with alerts with when you have too many and too few questions.


  • Added All Exercises Page You can now see all of your exercises in a single place!
  • Imported all exercises and questions All of the original questions, exercises and more have been imported
  • Orgs have default questions Each org can now have a 'default' set of questions for teams, in addition to the core questions
  • Moved assets to S3
  • Added temporary about page


  • Added basic org/team level analytics in GA.
  • Minor bugfixes: if no questionset is selected in creating a new team, be chill.


  • First alpha release. Welcome to Manual of Me for teams!
  • Added support for reordering team questions. You're now able to choose the order in which questions appear for your team members and in their team manuals.

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