Work better together
with Manual of Me for Teams.

Manual of Me works best when you
create and share your Manuals together!
Browse and explore your colleague's manuals in one place
Select which questions you'll all answer
Add custom questions and shared answers
Invite and manage your team with ease
Build stronger and deeper connections

From just £6/month
Create your own team in just minutes...

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Manual of Me is already within over 1000 organisations.

Since hybrid and remote working became neccessary, finding new ways of working closer together when we're apart is essential - and businesses across the globe are using Manual of Me to make stronger connections and work more effectively.

If you've already got a Manual of Me, or are looking for new ways to help your team - Manual of Me for Teams helps individuals explore and explain how they work better together.

Bring all of your team's manuals into a single place, agree together which questions you'll be asking, answering and sharing, and create richer ways to connect as a group.

It just takes a few clicks to set up your team - and you don't pay until you're ready to invite your colleagues.

For less than the coffee run...

We want to make Manual of Me affordable and accessible - that's why its FREE for individuals, and our Teams pricing is as low as possible.

Small Team

Between 2-10 people

£6 per month

Medium Team

Between 11-30 people

£15 per month

Large Team

Between 30-50 people

£25 per month

No minimum contract length. 51 people? We don't enforce hard limits.

And if you need more ...

For larger teams

If you've got more than 50 people or want to create multiple teams for across your organisation, we have support for you too!

+ Unlimited teams for your organisation
+ Invite as many people as you like
+ Give managers responsibility for their own teams
+ Style using your brand
+ Create engagement with new questions
+ Additional support for managers

From £49/month

Workshops and Training

We can help you to design, kickstart or fully implement end to end programmes for your people.

Benefit from our years of experience of working with many organisations who are using Manual of Me, teams inside businesses like Klarna, LEGO, LinkedIn and dentsu.

Remote and onsite facilitation, or equip your leaders to run their own sessions.

Speak to our team to discuss what you need.

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We never share your personal data with others, but you will be sharing the content of your Manual of Me with those who you invite to your team. You can read our full privacy policy here.

Manual of Me.

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